Helpful Resources for Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities

The Capitol Insider Blog –  The Arc National’s blog covering current legislative topics.

The Arc: Fusion– A letter from The Arc National’s CEO, Peter V. Berns.

Government/Legislative Updates – The Arc National Website with information on what is happening on governmental and legislative issues.

The Affordable Care Act: What Disability Advocates Need to Know – The Arc’s national office policy staff has prepared this issue of National Policy Matters on The Affordable Care Act and the elements of the law that impact people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.


Division of Developmental Disabilities – State of Colorado

Caring 4 Our Kids


  • Lineagen helps physicians personalize medical management for individuals with developmental delay and autism spectrum disorder by providing cutting-edge genetic testing services. Lineagen makes genetic testing accessible to everyone, and they offer a “no tears, no needles” easy cheek swab method. Testing can help parents determine the true cause of their child’s developmental delay and get the most comprehensive medical management.

Medicare State Eligibility Guide

The Arc PPR Infographics