Pooled Income

Pooled Income

The Arc Pikes Peak Region Pooled Income Trust

Pooled IncomeThe Arc Pooled Income Trust’s mission is to enhance the quality of life of the beneficiaries with intellectual and developmental disabilities; and to safeguard assets and preserve their public assistance through accountable management and sound fiduciary practices

What is a pooled income trust?

A pooled income trust is an individual account grouped (pooled) for investment purposes. Medicaid and SSI law permits pooled trusts for beneficiaries with disabilities.

The trust may be created by the beneficiary, a parent, grandparent, guardian or court.

The pooled funds are invested in one account. Pooling funds decreases the administrative fees and increases principal for investment purposes. Pooling also allows better investments that pay a higher rate of return.

The Arc PPR’s pooled income trust

The pooled income trust was established in 2010 and is meant to be a tool for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families. The trust is not intended to be a stop gap for qualifying for services of any type.

Why The Arc PPR’s Trust?

The Arc Pooled Income Trust is a subsidiary of The Arc Pikes Peak Region, a nonprofit organization established in 1955. The Arc has a long standing tradition of serving people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Management of the trust and investments is local. An advisory committee oversees the investment policy and supports decision making. The trust is approved by the State of Colorado Health Care Policy and Financing (Medicaid) for recipients of Medicaid services as an opportunity to have resources above SSI/Medicaid limits.

Each beneficiary participates in the development of a statement of needs that ensures funds are used based on their needs, wants and dreams (Trust funds cannot be used to make purchases covered by public assistance funding).

Who manages the investments?

Investments are managed by Cascade Investment Group, Inc., a dually registered FINRA and SEC firm located in Colorado Springs.

How to join:

  • $250 joiner fee establishes participation
  • Minimum deposit of $1000
  • The beneficiary must have an intellectual and/or developmental disability and be under the age of 65.

For more information contact:

Donna Butzin, Trustee
719-471-4800, ext 118 (phone)
719-471-4828 (fax)