Educational Advocacy

Educational Advocacy

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Educational advocacy: Ensuring that students with disabilities receive the services and accommodations they need, and that parents know their rights in the Individualized Education Program (IEP) process. Our educational advocates work to:

  • De-mystify the Special Education process and assist your family inEducational Advocacy at The Arc Pikes Peak Region 504 and IEP meetings
  • Help you understand your rights under the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) Laws
  • Help you navigate education programs for your child with disabilities, from early intervention to transition
  • Provide free, monthly parent workshops to explain the best methods and procedures to help your child
  • Create inclusive school environments through comprehensive IEPs.



Joshua Ladzinski and his family came to The Arc Pikes Peak Region when his school suggested a change of placement. Joshua’s family wanted to make sure that he was in the most inclusive environment, while still getting the services that he needs to be successful. Now, Joshua’s IEP is built entirely around his strengths — which he has many!



The Arc Caddo-Bossier

Diane Tucker of The Arc of Caddo-Bossier works with students.

“Last year, I advocated for Sarah*, who has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and needed an IEP to address sensory issues, learning disabilities and impulsive behaviors in school. After the IEP was in place, we started to see some growth in Sarah. This year at her IEP meeting, we learned that Sarah has had only one behavior infraction this school year that warranted a visit to the office (last year, she had at least 10, with two suspensions), and she was able to admit her errors, apologize and return to class to be successful for the rest of the day. Her reading level has improved from 3.9 grade level to 5.5, which is right on target for her age. She is less impulsive and more able to advocate for herself. She has not made any self-harm statements or actions this year, and she has not been found stealing. The school is backing off her supervision, allowing her to regulate her sensory breaks, and discontinuing her reading intervention. It is wonderful to see how the right therapies at home, combined with the right supports at school, along with good communication between the two, contributes to a child’s success.”

-Connie McKenzie, Advocacy Specialist
*Name has been changed for privacy


The Arc Pikes Peak Region Educational Advocates: 

Connie McKenzie – elementary school, middle school
connie@thearcppr.org, (719) 471-4800, ext. 116


Connor Cassidy – transition and high school
ccassidy@thearcppr.org, (719) 471-4800, ext. 120